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Plone错误解读:AttributeError: type object 'ISalt' has no attribute '__iro__'

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PurposeOccasionally you’ll download and install a product in Plone that uses local persistent utilities.This usually seems pretty innocent in itself; however, it sometimes happens that when you uninstall the product and remove its egg from the file system, the utility is still registered.This will essentially break your instance unless you make the egg available again so the ZODB can reference the utilities during lookups.This how-to will explain how to remove these utilities manually.

SymptomsYou’ll find zope throwing errors like this,
  1. AttributeError: type object 'IATCTTool' has no attribute '__iro__'

PrerequisitesYou will need appropriate access to the zope server in order to run the site in debug mode.

Step by stepFirst off, fire up the instance in debug mode
  1. bin/instance debug
Get the site manager for your Plone instance. ‘app’ references the zope root.
  1. sm = app.Plone.getSiteManager()
Then you’ll want to import the guilty utility’s interface, unregister it and delete it. It should look somethings like this:
  1. from collective.product.interfaces import IUtility, INamedUtility

  2. # for unnamed utility
  3. util = sm.getUtility(IUtility)
  4. sm.unregisterUtility(IUtility)
  5. del util
  6. sm.utilities.unsubscribe((), IUtility)
  7. del sm.utilities.__dict__['_provided'][IUtility]
  8. del sm.utilities._subscribers[0][IUtility]

  9. #also for named utility
  10. util = sm.queryUtility(INamedUtility, name='utility-name')
  11. sm.unregisterUtility(util, INamedUtility, name='utility-name')
  12. del util
  13. del sm.utilities._subscribers[0][INamedUtility]
Now you need to commit your changes to the ZODB.
  1. import transaction
  2. transaction.commit()
  3. app._p_jar.sync()

An ExampleI found myself in this situation with the Singing and Dancing product so I’ll just go through the code here to fix both a normal utility and named utility found in it.
  1. from collective.singing.interfaces import ISalt
  2. from collective.singing.async import IQueue
  3. import transaction

  4. portal = app.Plone
  5. sm = portal.getSiteManager()

  6. util_obj = sm.getUtility(ISalt)
  7. sm.unregisterUtility(provided=ISalt)
  8. del util_obj
  9. sm.utilities.unsubscribe((), ISalt)
  10. del sm.utilities.__dict__['_provided'][ISalt]
  11. del sm.utilities._subscribers[0][ISalt]

  12. util = sm.queryUtility(IQueue, name='')
  13. sm.unregisterUtility(util, IQueue, name='')
  14. del util
  15. del sm.utilities._subscribers[0][IQueue]
  16. Handling subscribers, adapters and utilities
  17. sm = app.myportal.getSiteManager()
  18. adapters = sm.utilities._adapters
  19. for x in adapters[0].keys():
  20.     if x.__module__.find("collective.myproduct") != -1:
  21.       print "deleting %s" % x
  22.       del adapters[0][x]
  23. sm.utilities._adapters = adapters

  24. subscribers = sm.utilities._subscribers
  25. for x in subscribers[0].keys():
  26.     if x.__module__.find("collective.myproduct") != -1:
  27.       print "deleting %s" % x
  28.       del subscribers[0][x]
  29. sm.utilities._subscribers = subscribers

  30. provided = sm.utilities._provided
  31. for x in provided.keys():
  32.     if x.__module__.find("collective.myproduct") != -1:
  33.       print "deleting %s" % x
  34.       del provided[x]
  35. sm.utilities._provided = provided

  36. from transaction import commit
  37. commit()
  38. app._p_jar.sync()

Removing portal toolsIf you still have problems (re)installing products after you removed the broken local persistent components, you probably have to clean the Portal setup tool.You probably see something like this in the error log :
  1. setup_tool = app.myportal.portal_setup
  2. toolset = setup_tool.getToolsetRegistry()
  3. if 'portal_myproduct' in toolset._required.keys():
  4.     del toolset._required['portal_myproduct']
  5.     setup_tool._toolset_registry = toolset

  6. from transaction import commit
  7. commit()
  8. app._p_jar.sync()

ReferencesI didn’t by any means figure this all our on my own so please do not give me credit for it. Actually, most of this is shamelessly stolen. Thanks for the original fixers of the problem! Here are my references:


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