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Below are example UNIX commands to copy a Plone site data from a computer to another over SCP/SSH connection.
The actual $USERNAME and folder locations depend on your system configuration.
A copy of the Plone site configuration must already exist on the target computer.

These instructions are for copying or creating a backup of your site data.
This operation can be performed on a running system - Data.fs is append only file and you will lose transactions which happened during the copying of the end of the file.

Copy Local To Remote
Run this command in your buildout Plone installation.
Copy Data.fs database:
  1. scp -C -o CompressionLevel=9 var/filestorage/Data.fs

Copy BLOB Files Using Rsync
BLOB files contain file and image data uploaded to your site.
Since the file content rarely changes after upload, rsync can synchronize only changed files using -a (archive) flag.
  1. rsync -av --compress-level=9 var/blobstorage


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